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Limit(less) is a documentary photography project by Mikael Owunna on the fashion and style of LGBTQ Africans in North America and Europe. The project uses queer African style to debunk the myth that being LGBTQ is “un-African”.

In many African communities today there is a fairly pervasive idea that being LGBTQ is “un-African” and caused by an exposure to the West gone wrong. But LGBTQ people have always existed on the African continent, and this is simply a myth born from centuries of colonization.

Limit(less) explores how LGBTQ Africans in North America and Europe navigate their multifaceted identities and find ways to bridge the “gap” between being LGBTQ and African through fashion. By exploring the landscape of queer African style, the project seeks to visually expand conceptions of African-ness and queerness.

Mikael Owunna is a queer Nigerian-Swedish American photographer and writer. As a Fulbright scholar in Taiwan, his collaborative art and photography project, I am Atayal!,  working with Taiwanese aboriginal (Atayal) youth and Prof. Christine Yeh of USF, was exhibited in a full floor exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum in 2014. Through Limit(less) he hopes to gain deeper insight into how the lives and stories of LGBTQ Africans in diaspora are connected, and how we all find “limitless” ways to express ourselves and our individuality, despite the ostensible “limits” placed on us based on our marginalized identities.

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